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What is the better rom for liquid???

mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

My personal chart of the liquid roms

Italian version here

  • First classified is the MIUI 1.3.5 rom , the optimal choise for me becouse is froyo based (stable and praticcally with no important bugs and with full hardware support ) and it's fast like a rom gingerbrade based .Download here
  • Second classified the cyanogenmod 7  rc 1 porting by kang very very fast and bug free( if you flash the fixs that I posted).Download here
  • Third classified  the lcr-f 2.0 rom isn't hte fastest but it's the more stable of the coocked roms , not even a spontaneus reboot or a bug ,and had a full hardware support of our liquid/liquid E . Download here
  • Last  the MIUI 1.3.25 rom Gingerbrade with some young ralated problems.Download here
My chart it's over. Wich is your favorite rom?

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