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Music player pro the better altenative to poweramp for your android device (download)

mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

Music player pro the definitive music player 

Versione italiana /italian version qui/here 

All  android users know that the multimedial part of the system is a litle incomplete, expecially the music player. Infact a lot of us use every day other musicplayer from the market like poweramp,a very good music plyer with visual eq, and folder choise.
Today there is a new apps that can help us music lovers is music player pro, a player that has all the poweramp features and more even the lyrics automatic search.
The program (screen at right ) is very powerfull,and has a nice user interface.
Try it from the download link and buy it from the android market to help the developer and to keep the last updates.

Link market
Download link

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